Atlas Safelist Review

Atlas Safelist Review

A New Safelist has hit the market.

Here is the gist of it:

Atlas Safelist has 2 levels: Free and Pro Members. As a free member you can make 20% on Sales and as a Pro Member you can make 50%. You can become a Pro Member for $7 a Month or $57 a year.

At Atlas Safelist you can…

Mail once every 3 days as a free member or every day as a Pro Member.
Earn or Buy mailing credits.
Mail Your Referrals For Free.
Advertise Banners and Text Links.
Save Your Emails For Easy Resending.
Schedule Emails For Up to 2 Weeks.

This is a good low price options to get your offers out there. The members are growing fast and you might want to lock in your $7 a month or $57 a year before the prices increase.

Check out this popular site now and start filling your bank account!

Good Luck

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